LAS Version 9.0
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LAS Version 9.0
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TenCORE Version 9.0 is the current release of the TenCORE Language Authoring System. 

Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP compatible.

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LAS 9.0 New Features

Internet Runtime

TenCORE material can run over the Internet using standard HTTP Internet protocol either embedded in a browser or independent of any browser. User interaction is fast and smooth with only the required units of a lesson being fetched from the Internet server. The TenCORE Runtime and user material can be launched through a browser hyperlink or through a Windows shortcut.

Try it! A Demo Version of the Internet Runtime is available.

Legacy DOS support

The TenCORE LAS 9.0 executor will generally run legacy DOS-authored material with few if any changes. For example, most TenCORE Producer DOS-authored material can be run without modification.


Text in write statements can be linked to other units or programs. During editing, a right click on highlighted text brings up a hyperlink editor. The link can be a jump, do or library call to a unit, the execution of any Windows program, or connection to an Internet URL through a launched browser. During runtime, hypertext can be shown colored and underlined, and with the pointer changing to a pointing hand. Missing links can be programmed to be ignored, pop-up an error information window, or produce an execution error.

True Windows

Standard Windows API windows with title bars, borders, sizing, etc. are provided. Multiple windows can be opened anywhere on the desktop. An eventunit can be designated for each window to handle Windows messages (such as "resize"), timed events, flow events, mouse events and menu selections. Any window can be selected for display output or as the focus for pointer and keyboard input. Hidden windows can provide extra "pages" for purposes such as display transitions.

For upward compatibility and special purposes, the previous hierarchical TenCORE windows remain supported.

SQL Support

An SQL support library allows access to any ODBC database connection. Capabilities include: retrieve table names, retrieve column names and structure, perform SQL Query and retrieve results.