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Try it from the Internet!

To see these examples, you must first download and install the TenCORE runtime

TenCORE Internet Demo  (Netscape Navigator recommended*)

*Some versions of Internet Explorer do not properly support Netscape plugins. Instead, create and run the following shortcut on your desktop (or cut and paste the text into the Windows "Start, Run" prompt):


Note that in this case you bypass the browser entirely; TenCORE does not require a browser to run material from the Internet. 

How does TenCORE work over the Internet?

The TenCORE runtime permits remote file execution without the need for resource intensive streaming file access or downloads. With TenCORE's modular file structure, each user display and interaction is stored in a compact module individually accessible without the need to download an entire file. This means that you can realistically deliver sophisticated interactive material over slow connections. Of course, TenCORE can also run material from local or network files.