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What versions of Windows is TenCORE compatible with?

TenCORE is compatible with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000,  and XP.

The plugin does not work after I updated Internet Explorer.
The TenCORE plugin is a Netscape plugin. Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped supporting Netscape plugins in Internet Explorer beginning with version 5.5 SP2. Please contact us for a workaround and other solutions.

I am having trouble accessing TenCORE material I placed on my Web server.
Verify with your network administrator that your Web server supports byte ranges via the standard HTTP "Range" header.

I double-click on the TenCORE icon, but nothing happens other than the mouse pointer momentarily indicating "busy".

Insure that only one copy of the file wing.dll exists anywhere on your computer and that it is located only in the Windows\system directory (Winnt\system under NT).

When starting the Authoring System, I get an error message "not enough space for environment".

We have seen a few instances of this problem occur on newer versions of Windows NT, in particular, Windows 2000 and XP. It is caused by other programs that set too many environment variables when they are installed. The solution is to reduce the use of environment variables by other programs. This can be done either permanently or temporarily.
Permanent solution: Delete unnecessary environment variables using Control Panel, System, Advanced, Environment Variables. Caution: Be sure no programs need to use the environment variables you delete.
Temporary (session) : Open a command line window and delete unnecessary environment variables using the set command to assign null strings to them. Then start tcauthor.exe from the command line. Detailed instructions.

I can't print to my network printer.

Capture output to a printer port (for example lpt1) and redirect it to the desired network printer.
Use the print to file option, substituting the full network name of the printer for the file name.

I am getting a "System Agent" error message.

Update to version 8.5 or higher.