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Temporary (session) solution to "not enough space for environment" error message


This solution avoids any impact to the system and is best if you are not sure which environment variables are safe to delete permanently.

Summary: Open a command line window and delete unnecessary environment variables using the set command to assign null strings to them. Then start tcauthor.exe from the command line. The changes are only in effect for the command line window session.

Detailed Instructions:

a. Select Start, Run. Type "command", ENTER. A command line window opens.

b. Type "set", ENTER to view all environment vars.

c. Type "set XXX=", where "XXX" is the environment variable you want to delete. Repeat for each variable to be deleted.

d. Start LAS 9.0 from the command line by typing the full path, e.g., "c:\las90\tcauthor.exe".

Variables having to do with other installed programs can be safely deleted as these changes will only affect the current command line window session. Variables like "PROCESSOR_XXXXX" and "NUMBER_OF_PROCESSSORS" can also be deleted. Do not delete system variables named COMSPEC, PATH, PATHEXT, TEMP, TMP.

Note that you can automate this entire procedure with a shortcut to a batch file.